Cutting Crown Molding With The Hain Company's Angular Stop (AS)

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Crown Molding Adaptor…a new accessory to the Hain Company’s Folding Digital Measuring System. From the Hain Company comes this revolutionary tool for cutting finish trim and crown molding in cabinet shops or on the job site. Doing fine finish carpentry on installation, the Angular Stop (A.S.) is adjusted to the proper angle. With the built in degree scale the A.S. is than locked down and held in place by sealed friction plates making it fully self contained. For precision the A.S. is made from solid billet aluminum, black anodized with the degrees laser etched into the unit for a long lasting product. The unit is highly accurate and repeats over its entire range requiring no tools. It facilitates cutting multiple boards for use in gang cutting when at 90° or the angle your miter cut is at. Adjustments can be made simply by moving the stop anywhere between -60° to +60°. Crown molding can be cut digitally and highly accurate with this adaptor as it has a common reference point that is seen by placing your first cut against the stop. The measurement point that is created allows you to cut inside outside cuts, or long point short point all while synchronizing the measuring points to the stops that are controlled digitally by the measuring system. The system calls out on the display the measurement installed by the operator. The A.S. is than placed on the stop that is called up by the machine and the cut is made.

Have you been looking for a portable chop-saw stand that is light weight, strong, compact, easy to setup and use and provides integrated digital board measuring?

Fmea Cover Then the Hain Company's Folding Measuring System (FMEA) is your answer. The FMEA folds into a compact portable like hand truck, fits easily through a doorway or into an elevator and is set-up and ready for use in seconds. Once ready the FMEA changes from one selected board cut length to another in seconds all while maintaining accuracy. It is available in 6 and 12 foot versions and can be easily configured to measure in Feet & Inches, Inches, Metric or Decimal. It is primarily intended for job site finish carpentry but works well for many other similar tasks. First time users are highly productive in minutes with very little training. The FMEA can utilize your existing chop-saw or any popular brand available on the market. It bolts up permanently in place onto a universal mount within minutes creating a precision random length cutting system that can instantly triple your production while enhancing the quality of the finish carpentry work you perform.

The FMEA User Interface is very simple and easy to use with a large character digital Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), numeric keypad, rotary dial, function buttons and LED indicators. Computer skills are not required to operate the FMEA. The User Interface is located to the left of the chop-saw within easy reach of its operating position which eliminates unnecessary and time consuming operator movements. The operator simply enters the whole Inch value (or Feet-Inches or Centimeters) into the keypad, sets the sixteenth fractions using the rotary dial (or Millimeters), then if needed used the function buttons to add or subtract a 1/32 Inch. The FMEA automatically controls and advances the measuring stops to the length entered by the operator and the LED lights indicating the cut is ready to be made. The operator slides the material down to the stop listed on the User Interface LCD and makes the cut with the chop-saw. The entire process takes only seconds providing a highly productive labor saving integrated system.


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