The Hain Systems Framer (HSF)

The Hain Systems Framer will help you build square and accurate open wall panels for residential or commercial construction applications. It will help you cut building costs by saving time and improving your quality. It's a reliable, efficient and proven system that features a ruggedly simple design. The HSF is based on a proven design with over 20 years of actual production use and maintenance experience. It comes fully assembled and is designed for portable job site framing or in-plant permanent installation. The table has many optional attachments and will support Mylar Tape wall layout or any other type of layout. The optional gun rails can also be retro-fit to any table.

Photo Gallery

HSF 01 HSF 02 HSF 03 HSF 04 HSF 05 HSF 06 HSF 07 HSF 08 HSF 09 HSF 10 HSF 11


Table Construction: Thick wall structural steel tubing, jig welded for accuracy

Air Supply: 90 PSI - (10 CFM Air Flow Recommended)

Electrical Supply: 110 VAC

Powder Coat: Industrial Gray

Dimensions: Height: 34", Length: 16' or 20', Width: Adjustable - 8' to 10' or 8' to 12'

Shipping weight: 3,000 lbs.

Plant Layouts

Download the latest version of Adobe Reader to view files below

Open Wall Panel layout

Closed Wall Panel layout


Main Framing Table Video

Video Of Framing Table Being Used In Real Time

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