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When long-time machine and equipment inventor Leonard Hain established his own company to produce machines for the component manufacturing industry, it was apparent that his output would be destined for 'high praise’. Leonard has been an active consultant in the wood frame component manufacturing industry for many years and is frequently called upon to build new factories for component producers from scratch. His experience has honed his creative abilities and taught him how to correct many of the drawbacks and bottlenecks which he has seen in factories in his early years.

Since the creation of The Hain Company, Leonard has found that some of his equipment can be used in a variety of other industries and isn’t specific to the component manufacturing industry. He found that there is a demand for his main product, which is the Measuring System, in industries such as: Lumber Yards, Fence Builders, Framing Shops, Custom Hot Rod Manufacturers, etc. The Hain Company has built long lasting and trusting relationship with some of the larger lumber and truss yards throughout the industry.

Today, The Hain Company is continually working with large companies like Mead-Clark and Gold State Lumber to streamline their production. We are proud to offer custom equipment to help solve your manufacturing needs and we are very interested to find out more about your company and help you produce more efficiently!

Let us know if the Hain Company can help distribute your machinery throughout California.


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