Refurbished Manual Measuring System (MMEA)

The MMEA adjusts quickly with a turn of a handle without changing the operator's position on the line. Even though it's a variation from the original Measuring System, it's still highly accurate and easy to use. It can adapt to any saw and can be mounted to any surface so that you can integrate the MMEA with your existing set up. The Hain Company takes pride in building durable and reliable machinery so your company can work worry-free for many years.

Currently we have 0 refurbished manual measuring systems in stock. The gear box assemblies are new with a refurbished actuator. They are left and right hand oriented and scaled for "foot / inch" and "inch" measurements. New gear box assemblies with refurbished actuators can be mounted on new aluminum rails with stops. Call for special pricing on these systems.

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Operation: Hand Wheel with 5:1 Gear Reducer

Highly Accurate: +/- .010"

Stop Rail: 2 x 4 x 1/4" Aluminum Extrusion

Stops: Jig bored steel

Stop Blocks: Machined Billet Aluminum

Dimensions: Length - 5 Feet (60") to 60 Feet (720"), Height - 12", Depth - 12"


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